No Blades and No Stitches

Cataract surgeons at the Filutowski Cataract & LASIK Institute use bladeless and stitchless technology to give you clearer vision. Our advanced techniques to cataract surgery provide a comfortable experience with the possibility of eliminating your need for glasses.

  1. 1. Find out if you’re a candidate.

    If you are noticing a decrease in your vision, cataracts may be the cause. Visit any one of our three Central Florida locations for an eye exam to determine if cataracts are causing your vision loss. Cataract surgery may be an excellent solution for you.

  2. 2. Preparing your eye.

    We use anesthetic eye drops to alleviate pain during the cataract removal. By not using needle injections around the eye, we eliminate the risk of damaging the optic nerve or the eye itself. Using eye drops allows our patients to continue taking blood thinners before their cataract surgery, and allows for quick visual recovery.

  3. 3. Removing the cataract.

    Through a self-sealing, microsurgical incision our surgeons remove the cataract from your eye. Using phacoemulsification, a small probe fragments the cataract and gently vacuums it out. Most of the time, this tiny self-sealing incision does not require uncomfortable stitches, thus resulting in virtually no postoperative restrictions.

  4. 4. Giving you new view on life.

    Our surgeons select a lens implant for each eye to give you the best possible vision after your cataract removal. Using state-of-the-art technology for preoperative measurements and Advanced Astigmatism Analysis, we are able to reduce your need for corrective lenses after surgery. This customized approach allows some patients to see well at a distance and/or close-up without needing glasses. We can further improve your outcome with our Clear Upgrade.

We Have Options

Vision Freedom Option

Additional services before, during, and after cataract surgery for the best possible vision.

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LASIK After Cataract Surgery

This service allows patients with glasses to correct their vision following cataract surgery.

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Cataract with iStent

A safe and effective way to help control your glaucoma after cataract surgery.

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