Does Insurance Cover Cataract Surgery?

A cataract is classified as an eye disease and is typically covered by insurance as long as your doctor decides it’s a necessary surgery for your health. If you are unsure of your plan’s benefits, our billing specialists can contact your insurance provider.

The prices on this page reflect the cost of our Vision Freedom Option for Cataract Surgery, and are in addition to fees for standard cataract surgery. We offer financing through CareCredit for out of pocket expenses.

Clear and Transparent Pricing on Vision Freedom

The Vision Freedom Option is our exclusive upgrade to traditional cataract surgery that provides patients an opportunity to enjoy life without the burden of glasses or contacts. Below provides our 2020 Vision Freedom Option fees for services not covered by insurance.

We Have Options

Multifocal Lens

VFO with Multifocal Lens
$2,995 per eye


Our most advanced option! Patients achieve clear vision at all distances in both eyes – even those patients with astigmatism.

Toric Lens

VFO with Toric Lens
$2,395 per eye


An option for patients who elect either monovision or distance vision only that also wish to correct their astigmatism.

Monofocal Lens

VFO with Monofocal Lens
$1,695 per eye


The option for patients who elect either monovision or distance vision only who do not have astigmatism.

What Do Your Vision Freedom Option Fees Cover?


Our surgeons are Central Florida’s most experienced LASIK surgeons. Fees include your surgeon consult and the time they need to prepare and perform your surgery.


Your post-operative care and medications (if possible) are included in our price. You also have 24-hour access to our physician hotline.


At FEI, we strive to provide the highest quality care available. We use the best technology we have available to get you to your best possible visual outcome after surgery.


Sometimes, Dr. Filutowski needs to do a quick "touch-up" to get patients to their visual goal. If this "touch-up" is needed within the post-operative period, it is included.


Each eye has 30% chance of developing scar tissue behind the IOL that decreases vision and requires a YAG laser to clear. This is included for 12 months following your procedure.

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