Say Goodbye to Corrective Lenses

Begin to enjoy life to the fullest by breaking free of your dependence on corrective lenses. By utilizing the latest laser vision correction technology and a unique approach, the Filutowski Eye Institute, formerly the Filutowski Cataract & LASIK Institute, helps you gain the freedom you’re seeking with clarity.

Why Can’t I See Clearly?

When we see, light rays pass through the cornea, the clear outer covering of the eye, and focus on the retina at the back of the eye. If the cornea is not correctly shaped, the light cannot properly focus on the retina and a refractive error occurs causing nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Glasses and contact lenses can correct refractive errors while LASIK can eliminate the need for corrective lenses altogether by permanently reshaping the cornea.



Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery

Along with eliminating your frustration with corrective lenses, laser eye surgery offers the following benefits:

  • Minimal to no pain for improved vision
  • Corrected vision almost immediately following surgery
  • Sporting activities and travel without corrective lenses
  • Cost savings on glasses and contact lenses

Risks of LASIK Eye Surgery

The Filutowski Eye Institute strives to reach the highest level of predictability, precision, and patient satisfaction with LASIK surgery. It is important to note that LASIK is a surgical procedure, and as with all surgical procedures, it involves some risks. Learn more from the FDA about the risks associated with LASIK surgery.

Alternative Solutions for Vision Correction

You may qualify for a non-LASIK procedure that achieves better results for your desired outcome than LASIK surgery.

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Using a Femtosecond and an Excimer laser, your vision is corrected in minutes.

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