Your Vision is Worth It

We know that several factors impact a desire to have vision correction surgery, and cost is at the top of the list. However, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), don’t base your decision on cost and be wary of guarantees or package deals.

Vision correction surgery is an investment in yourself. Trust your vision to the surgeon who you feel confident will get you to your best possible visual outcome after surgery.

Clear and Transparent Pricing

The outcome of vision correction surgery is determined by more than the procedure. The expertise and technology that go into determining the treatment plan, the patient education, and the follow-up care are equally as important as the actual surgery. The cost of eye surgery at FEI includes these steps and the time needed to complete them.

Most low-cost laser eye procedures cannot provide the same treatment options or experience that we can. Trust your gift of sight to a surgeon like Dr. Filutowski who will treat it with the care and experience you deserve.

With our new clear and transparent 2020 pricing, there is no hassling or bargaining. Let your vision correction journey be about helping you live a life without glasses and contacts – not haggling for the lowest cost eye surgery.

We Have Options


Mild Correction

$2,195 per eye


Moderate Correction

$2395 per eye


High Correction

$2,595 per eye


Mild Correction

$2,395 per eye


Moderate Correction

$2,595 per eye


High Correction

$2,795 per eye


Standard ICL



Toric ICL for Astigmatism

$3,995 per eye


Monofocal Lens

$3,595 per eye


Toric Lens

$4,295 per eye


Multifocal Lens

$4,895 per eye

What Do Your Vision Correction Surgery Fees Cover?


Our surgeons are Central Florida’s most experienced LASIK surgeons. Fees include your surgeon consult and the time they need to prepare and perform your surgery.


Your post-operative care and medications (if possible) are included in our price. You also have 24-hour access to our physician hotline.


At FEI, we strive to provide the highest quality care available. We use the best technology we have available to get you to your best possible visual outcome after surgery.


Sometimes, Dr. Filutowski needs to do a quick "touch-up" to get patients to their visual goal. If this "touch-up" is needed within the post-operative period, it is included.


With our Lifetime Warranty, any enhancements you need in the future can be performed at a reduced price.

Get Vision Correction on Any Budget

When are you having your vision correction procedure? That should be the question, not how to pay for it. We like to make that decision even easier for our patients.

LASIK surgery is not covered by individual insurance plans. Instead, we accept Flex Plan Dollars to pay for the cost of LASIK surgery. Ask your employer if they offer a Flex Plan reimbursement account and begin saving for laser eye surgery.

We also offer low monthly payment plans for our Vision Correction Procedures through CareCredit. There are no up-front costs or pre-payment penalties.

Celebrate 20/20 Vision in 2020!

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