Youthful Vision Can Be Yours

Take your cataract surgery to the next level with our exclusive Clear Upgrade. Not only is your vision corrected and restored, but you may not need glasses or contact lenses again. Our Clear Upgrade with bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery gives you the freedom to read, drive, and enjoy your lifestyle without corrective lenses.

What Is Clear Upgrade?

Clear Upgrade is a comprehensive set of services and procedures before, during, and after cataract surgery. The services include:

  • Specialized testing
  • Advance Astigmatism Analysis
  • Doctor consultations and examinations
  • Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery
  • Astigmatism correction with a laser and/or special lens implant
  • Access to premium lens implants and refractive surgeries
  • LASIK surgery, as needed

Your cataract surgery is custom tailored for each eye based on the health of your eye and your goal for vision. The result is the best possible vision without glasses.

Find Out If You’re a Candidate

Most cataract surgery patients qualify for Clear Upgrade from the Filutowski Cataract & LASIK Institute. After comprehensive tests, we determine your eligibility and provide recommendations for specialized laser treatments and lens implants to give you the vision you’ve always wanted.

Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery

As the first and most experienced laser cataract surgeon in Central Florida, Dr. Filutowski offers the new era of cataract surgery—laser cataract surgery.

Bladeless laser cataract surgery addresses some of the most challenging steps of cataract surgery by automating the procedure with a precision laser. Using a laser allows for a more precise placement of the lens implant and can also reduce astigmatism.

The surgeon designs a customized surgical plan for each patient based on a 3D scan of your eye. Then, the computer follows programmed specifications to guide the laser through each step of the plan. When the procedure is complete, your result is optimized vision without glasses.

The Answer is Clear

If you want to experience the vision freedom of your youth and see well with little or no need for glasses, then say yes to Clear Upgrade.


“I am thrilled to be the first in our area to offer my patients laser technology for cataract surgery.  It gives my patients a new feeling of confidence and comfort. I believe that clear upgrade with bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery has the potential to give my patients enhanced safety and the best possible vision.”  — Konrad Filutowski, M.D.

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